The GURUGUGU MAWARU 2012 festival, to be happened on SEPTEMBER 16th, 2012 at SAITAMA STADIUM 2002.

The following is the basic information:

*Gate opens at AM 11:00, performance starts 30 minutes later and ends approx. PM 7:00

*The following artists are initially announced to be on the bill, performing at various stages built around the stadium’s concourse.

LOST IN TIME / HARCO / BiS / フジロッ久(仮)
Fragment feat.DOTAMA、Kuuya MC / CARD / Limited Express (has gone?)
URANINO / THE APRILS /  (M)otocompo (sounds otocompo)  / 魔ゼルなでこキ犬
cryv / If the world still continues / bananafish
Recoride / good bye! see you again!! / shizukani hisomu hibi
Seiko Omori / Varelser / akarinote  / バロムワン
Oh my God,you’ve gone / 姫乃 / あなるちゃん / taske

plus many more acts and attractions to be announced at later dates! Each acts will be introduced with YouTube links on this blog. Please look forward!

*The tickets are available from today, at TICKET PIA (reservation code: 621-434) and selected retailers within Saitama pref. as follows:

Disk Union, Kitaurawa (note: Plans for selling tickets at other Disk Union shops around Tokyo and Yokohama are yet unconfirmed!)

LIVE HOUSE Hearts, Nishi-kawaguchi


Studio Sound Crew, Ageo

more records, Omiya

More tickets will be available through eplus and Lawson Tickets, starting on June 30th.

*An advance ticket usually costs 3500 yen, but if you buy tickets at 5 aforementioned retailers in Saitama you will get them for 2500 YEN apiece! Please hurry because their quantity is very limited too!

Some non-advance tickets will be on sale at the gate, and they will be sold for 4500 yen. SO BUYING TICKETS IN ADVANCE IS STRICTLY RECOMMENDED!

If you have children under primary school pupils, you can bring them along FOR FREE! It’s a festival for all ages!


There will be free spaces for people who have their own artistic creation for sale, such as postcards, designed or poetic leaflets and hand-made goods. If you have talents and good personalities you can make some money and even be friends with some famous musicians too! Remember, once-sold items by other people, live-paintings and explicit creations are not allowed, in addition to be silent (Yes, this is basically a music festival!) The entrance fee is 2000 yen per person. More information is available (in Japanese) on the official site and you can ask directly to: if you have some questions. THIS ADVERTISEMENT EXPIRES AT PM 5:00, AUGUST 31st.


GGM is a festival for everybody and by everybody! A lot of volunteer staff is working hard in making it a triumph in many ways. And WE NEED YOUR HELP TOO, because it’s not a regional feast. It’s an opportunity to give Japanese independent music/culture a worldwide exposure, albeit in a far-out way. In addition, EVERYBODY IS A STAR. Your presence may lift the festival’s placement to a higher state! Please contact if you’re interested in working with us.

*MORE INFORMATIONS, plus summaries on past events (including Haiko Festival) to come on this blog! Please look forward. You can contact us through twitter and Facebook too.