Today, these 16 names have been officially added to the artist lineup for Guru Guru Mawaru 2012, the independent music & culture festival on September 16th, at Saitama Stadium 2002‘s concourse:

PE’Z / the telephones / HIKASHU / GAKA / 
THE LADY SPADE / Uminote / Mocca / Katan Hiviya / 
NAMiDA / DOIMOI / killercondors / jibunnjikann / 
kamiishota / Aka-Chin / folk squat / valows

Plus: As the first announcement among several attractions, “EA’s Rock”, the first live-action sentai comedy series by GAINAX (world-famous for “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and other Japanimation productions) which is famous among Japanese subculture lovers, will have its exclusive special LIVE program on GGM 2012! “Gokan Five” might come to hug you!? (on air info is shown below)

More lineup & attraction info coming soon! Don’t miss it!

The advance tickets (3,500 yen) are available through:
*Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 / P-code 621-434
*Lawson Tickets 0570-084-003 L-code 70371
*eplus (direct link here)

And check out these outlets for “Saitama Special Discount” tickets, which you can buy for 2,500 yen apiece (remember, these supplies are Limited!)
*Disk Union, Kitaurawa
*LIVE HOUSE Hearts, Nishi-kawaguchi
*Studio Sound Crew, Ageo
*more records, Omiya
If you’re bringing children who are under 12 years old along, their charges will be free!

Check out these “Wanted” information for:
*Volunteer staff
*Art Market
*100 People Open Mic! Performers

“EA’s Rock” on air information:
*BSS (San-in Broadcasting System): Saturdays 26:20~26:35 (13 episodes), starting on July 28th
*Niko Niko Nama-hoso webcast: Wednesdays 23:00~23:30 (13 episodes, plus live talk webcasting featuring Kotone Shiina & guest), starting on August 1st