Attention food suppliers! Guruguru Mawaru 2012 wants you. Bring your exotic deliciousness to our festival!

There are several things to pay attention to, such as:
*No alcoholic beverage to be sold.
*Beverage must be served in cups. (No cans or bottles)
*No cancellation allowed if it rains.
*There will be some control over which shop is allowed, due to avoid competition.
*Electricity from the stadium must not be used. Please bring your own generator.
*The shops must be officially licensed by Saitama-ken for operation inside the territory, and must have their own vehicle.
*10 to 15 shops will have space inside the food court, which will be located just outside the stadium itself.

The entry form (in Japanese) is located here.
You have to fill in name of your shop, basic information for its representative and your menu. (at least 3 items)
If you have a language problem and other questions, please contact:
Deadline is 17:00 August 31st.


More information on Japanese official site