*OTOTOY TV Flat has a special program devoted to GGM 2012 on 21:30 this Wednesday, starring JOHNNY OOKURA DAIJIN (SUICHU SOREWA KURUSHII) and Mazel-Nadeko-Kiken. Don’t miss a chance to hear interesting talk from crazier side of Tokyo independent scene!

*The contestants for 100 People Open Mic! has been announced. Some more additions may be announced in coming hours. A lot of exciting performance from various genres will be there!

*BiS (Brand-new Idol Society), who gave an exciting performance with a live band on last year’s GGM 2011, is coming back again with a live band this time. But don’t expect the same performance…they are always changing styles while retaining “idol” spirit, and now they’re on Avex with a new single!

*The want ad for Art Market contestants has been closed on August 31st. Over 70 shops of various kinds will gather on the stadium!