There are two “main stages” among many performance sites built on concourse of Saitama Stadium for GGM 2012, and these stages are especially readied for “Big Names”. In this entry, we introduce you ten acts who perform on these stages.

 [Bangladesh Stage]

11:30-12:00 GAKA

GAKA is a 16-person big band which is free from any musical styles, genres, looks, genders etc. Will perform on any occasions which fit them in, from indoor rave to outdoor regional festivals. “Wouldn’t it be nice to get drenched in paint of many colors thrown against plain white campus while making lots of noises, and in the end face against each other with smiles?”

12:50-13:20 Limited Express (has gone?)

Internationally acclaimed rock band with lots of domestic/overseas releases and live performances, while leader JJ is known as main organizer for Borofesta, one of the biggest independent-oriented festival held in Kyoto. On GGM2012, he also acts as one of the curators for main stages. Their newest releases are from Less Than TV, one of which is a split album between them and DODDODO.

14:10-14:40 BiS

Last weapons for Japanese Idol scene which is currently dominated by AKB48, who can completely produce themselves in true “Independent/punk” mode. On last year’s GGM2011 they brought along full rockin’ band and stole the main stage, and this year they’ll do it again…but don’t expect the same thing! They just released their first major single on Avex.

15:35-16:15 Shugo Tokumaru

ST is one of the few truly original pop artists in the world right now, whose previous 4 albums are highly acclaimed internationally. Masters of many instruments including toys, his colorful pop music has a wide variety of its forms, and he will bring a 6-piece band for GGM2012. His new album, “In Focus?”, is slated for November release.

17:15-17:55 Totsuzen Danball

Formed in 1977 by Tsutaki brothers, their early years traced the progression of Japanese Independent/Punk scene. Many releases since the first single in 1980, including privately released cassette tapes. Since then their music has crossed over to noise, contemporary music, improvisations etc. Since the older brother’s death in 2003, they continues to perform as a rock band centered around the younger brother Shunji, sometimes augmented by even younger members.

[Ghana Stage]

12:10-12:40 Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

One of the leading components among Japanese Jazz/Funk scene, this 6-piece instrumental band made a sensation among music fans with their first release in 2008, after that a sudden appearance for Fuji Rock Festival followed. Just released the third album which is also highly acclaimed, they’ll take you to another world with strong grooves!

13:30-14:00 Fragment feat.DOTAMA, Kuuya MC

Fragment is a trackmaker duo of kussy & deli, which can mutate styles beyond usual hip-hop/club music like an alloy. Although their latest release is completely instrumental,  they’ll bring two MCs with contrasting styles and surely will rock you on GGM2012!

14:50-15:20 LOST IN TIME

Debuted in 2002, this band represents Saitama’s rock scene, while sticking completely to independent scene. For 10th anniversary this year, they made a feat of releasing 2 greatest hits albums simultaneously! A band which Saitama’s rock scene surely needs, and they’ll come for you!

16:25-17:05 PE’Z

Formed in 1999, this band made way for later “Jazz/funk-oriented instrumental” scene, with many major hit releases and collaborations with various singers/performers. They recently released two “free legit download” albums which shocked the music scene who suffers with waning consumer interest. These pioneers finally makes a stage in the true independent festival!

18:05-18:45  the telephones

The latest rock sensation from Saitama, these guys come from Urawa which is also a city of soccer team Reds, and their (as well as, of course, GGM’s) homeground Saitama Stadium. Energetic rock and hi-tech dance sound fuses dramatically in their songs, one of which was even featured in Konami‘s music games! In last December, they successfully sold out a one-act live on Saitama Super Arena, and they came back again for much smaller venue located in “the other big sport site” of their hometown! Don’t miss this rare chance!

For placements of these and other stages on the concourse, please refer to the official site.