Around the concourse, 10 performance stages are placed each by different curators, and they’re surely ready to rock you! Let’s introduce them one by one.

[Argentina Stage]
12:10-12:40 kyojaku
13:30-14:00 cryv
14:50-15:20 Tenkousei
16:25-17:05 nhhmbase
18:05-18:45 folk squat

Curated by the band cryv and Hosei University’s Boogie Circle, their stage is always full of new “Alternative” surprises. Fans of “Japanese girly alternative” must look out for new heroines kyojaku and Tenkousei! The former is an extremely over-the-edge instrumental band, and the latter is a mysterious young singer-songwriter who sings introspective pop songs with a “moe” voice.

[Chile Stage]
12:10-12:40 N.Y&Bicycle
13:30-14:00 URANINO
14:50-15:20 GEZAN
16:25-17:05 golf × Ryohu
18:05-18:45 HIKASHU

Curated by staffs from one of the notable local live houses Hearts. This year they bring along HIKASHU, one of the three great “techno-pop” legends running from the 80s to present. You won’t see that legend in such a small distance…except here! A band with psycho-tough rockin’ attitude GEZAN from Osaka, will also take the stage with ultra-violent power! Beware!

[Denmark Stage]
11:30-12:00 ボクとおともだちバンド
12:50-13:20 good bye! see you again!!
14:10-14:40 フジロッ久(仮)
15:35-16:15 Futoshi Kurauchi
17:15-17:55 Uminote

Fresh lo-fi alternative pop bands are brought together by one of “new” curators. good-bye! see you again!! (or Sayonara Mata Kondone, in a Japanese pronunciation) took the stage of RO69 this summer with low tension, and surprisingly won the victory! They are surely to be the next indie pop supremacy. Uminote, a band formed by prolific lo-fi king Sasaguchi So-On Harmonica, will grab your fresh heart too.

[Ethiopia Stage]
12:10-12:40 shizukani hisomu hibi
13:30-14:00 valows
14:50-15:20 Varelser
16:25-17:05 Oh my God,you’ve gone
18:05-18:45 Qomolangma Tomato

Oh my God, you’ve gone, a loud-rock sensation from the city of oceans Kamakura, curates this stage besides performing on it. Qomolangma Tomato, veterans with some major hit releases, tops the bill. This is loud! Truly LOUD!

[France Stage]
11:30-12:00 killercondors
12:50-13:20 Recoride
14:10-14:40 THE LADY SPADE
15:35-16:15 (M)otocompo (sounds otocompo)
17:15-17:55 THE APRILS

Glamorous club/techno sounds dominate this stage. Will (M)otocompo, who created “art” at the stand on last year’s festival, do another special thing again? Glam-girls THE LADY SPADE, cute-technopop masters THE APRILS…all acts will make you come!

Guruguru TV w/ (m)otocompo (YouTube)

[Haiti Stage]
11:30-12:00 jibunnjikann
12:50-13:20 NAMiDA
14:10-14:40 DOIMOI
15:35-16:15 CARD
17:15-17:55 If the world still continues

Main man from Mortar Record, one of the central components of Saitama indie scene, curates this stage. Full of fresh acts each with different sounds…you’ll find your new heroes on this stage!

[Iceland Stage]
13:30-14:00 seishikarasu
14:50-15:20 kamiishota
16:25-17:05 Katan Hiviya
18:05-18:45 Seiko Omori

Completely unplugged but unquestionably rockin’ solo acts gather here, all goin’ buzzin’ around today’s Tokyo acoustic rock scene. Katan Hiviya and Seiko Omori are starting to get some international attention, and this is a rare chance to catch them live bringing “warm sounds”!

[Japan Stage]
11:30-12:00 akarinote
12:50-13:20 Mocca
14:10-14:40 bananafish
15:35-16:15 you can
17:15-17:55 HARCO

A mysterious stage mainly filled by tender songs and voices. You may know names of akarinote, you can and HARCO, but you won’t enjoy their nice songs in such a hot place until now! A voice familiar with lots of commercials and CD releases, HARCO is sometimes called Gilbert O’Sullivan of Japan, and you’ll admit that on this stage.

Guruguru TV w/ HARCO (YouTube)

For placements of these and other stages on the concourse, please refer to the official site.