And there’s more! Besides usual stages on the concourse, various special performance sites are located in unexpected places of the stadium. Let’s go for some pre-studies about those stages and events!

[Kenya Stage] (Stand) Kodomo Punks (throughout)
12:50- AFRO SHONAN (Djembe workshop)
13:50- Bona-nohs (Live)
14:20- Aka-Chin (Live & workshop)
15:40- Breaking out ‪Piñata‬s!
16:00- AFRO SHONAN (Djembe workshop)

All children gather! It is your chance to rock, in a primal way! This year, some interesting attractions is planned as parts of it, including live brass-band music and making some sort of percussion!

[Libiya Stage] (Stand) 100 People Open Mic!
A free-for-all space full of interesting acts, taking over football supporters’ paradise for a day! Please refer to above link for the already announced acts.

[Meiousei Stage] (Room)
12:55- sa tsu pe
13:25- Soo-Poo Messenger 
14:40- TASKE
15:40- Anal-Chang + Satsuki Young + My Coco + Lala
16:05- misaki
16:35- BAROM☆ONE
17:10- TamaHimeno 
17:35- Mazel-Nadeko-Kiken
18:00- housoukinshi
18:20- haiiyuuko

Total madness in a small room, curated by Mazelna-Kiken who has been the main attraction of this “yabai” space on past years’ GGM. Mystery, danger and noise…even an idol is mixed in! You can see what this crew looks like in a specially prepared commercial for GGM2012, made in collaboration with GAINAX.

[Norway Stage] (Room) Club Music Stage
Artists including:
401 / Azfly / Ziplockers / NMR / YOSHIBA SHINJI /
datdesign / Fujino▼ / kageyaMADNESS /
Mr. KEI / OSHO / tbs
Even in a huge sport arena a cutting-edge club can exist, complete with DJs and VJs! Don’t bring something dangerous and immoral, just dance dance dance! The time table will be confirmed in real time.

[Oman Stage] (Just outside C1 gate) Acoustic Live
12:00- japa eccentric YUKIHEI
12:40- SAKO YUKI(snap)
13:20- cigarette she was
14:00- Tomoya Taniguchi (minimals)
17:00- Yutaro Kaminuma
17:40- Makkuroke Box (Just Added!)

Completely unplugged, completely independent! You can enjoy foods (the food court is located just downstairs near this space) while listening to their breezy sounds.

Throughout: CD-Go-Round/Band-T-Go-Round (Food Court space)
German Games Workshop (Just beside 204 gate)
11:30-13:10, 14:00-15:20 Music Communication Workshop (Food Court space)
13:10-13:40 U+UCO‘s Barcodes Music (204 Stand)
13:50-14:00 Band-T-Go-Round Exchange Session (204 Stand)
15:20-15:35 “Guruguru Parade 2012” featuring hanashi (starts near Chile stage*, ends at 204 stand)
16:05-16:35 EA’s ROCK Gokan Dance (204 Stand)

At the opposite side of 100 people open mic at the stand, some interesting things will happen! U+UCO, creators of iPhone application “otoCode”** which turns barcodes and QR codes into pretty music, have a live demonstration there***, followed by brief real-live experience of “Band-T-Go-Round” which we already introduced on September 2 entry.
The band hanashi is a star of “Guruguru Parade 2012” who will switch GGM2012 into true festival mode, by performing and raving throughout the concourse! Their performance will also end at 204 stand. The final attraction there is live dance-lesson event presented by “EA’s ROCK”, the first live-action sentai hero series produced by GAINAX of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” fame. Of course, some heroes and heroines will come to guide you!

In front of the food court, there is another attraction “Music Communication Workshop” which will be executed in two different timelines. This is a very special program, starting with one person expressing his personal experience with a song and sharing it with others, who can express their view about the song…and ending with friendship. The site for “CD/Band-T-Go-Round” is located next to this workshop space.

And don’t forget checking out art markets and food court! GGM2012 is a festival for everybody. Tickets are still available online through eplus until September 15th ends. You can personally tell your favorite band and “reserve” your tickets too!

*note: this may change due to some circumstances.

**note: The latest version of otoCode, which will be available until the festival ends, loads the special “surprise” which will happen only in Saitama Stadium while GGM takes place! Please download and come!

*** note: only UCO appears on the performance, as U is currently outside this country.