Want ads closed for Volunteer Staff

As we announced 5 days ago, we had closed the want ads for Volunteer Staff. We thank so many friends for joining in, and together we are starting to make this festival a wonderful one!


Want ads closed for Food Court

We had closed the want ads for Food Court Shops, and are coming near to end recruiting Volunteer Staff… Thanks for so much entries!

We continue to want Art Market creators and 100 People Open Mic! contestants. And remember, Saitama Limited Discount Tickets will be no longer available after the end of this month! Get them quick!

Food court shops wanted!

Attention food suppliers! Guruguru Mawaru 2012 wants you. Bring your exotic deliciousness to our festival!

There are several things to pay attention to, such as:
*No alcoholic beverage to be sold.
*Beverage must be served in cups. (No cans or bottles)
*No cancellation allowed if it rains.
*There will be some control over which shop is allowed, due to avoid competition.
*Electricity from the stadium must not be used. Please bring your own generator.
*The shops must be officially licensed by Saitama-ken for operation inside the territory, and must have their own vehicle.
*10 to 15 shops will have space inside the food court, which will be located just outside the stadium itself.

The entry form (in Japanese) is located here.
You have to fill in name of your shop, basic information for its representative and your menu. (at least 3 items)
If you have a language problem and other questions, please contact: info_gurugurumawaru@yahoo.co.jp
Deadline is 17:00 August 31st.


More information on Japanese official site

More Acts Announced!

Today, these 16 names have been officially added to the artist lineup for Guru Guru Mawaru 2012, the independent music & culture festival on September 16th, at Saitama Stadium 2002‘s concourse:

PE’Z / the telephones / HIKASHU / GAKA / 
THE LADY SPADE / Uminote / Mocca / Katan Hiviya / 
NAMiDA / DOIMOI / killercondors / jibunnjikann / 
kamiishota / Aka-Chin / folk squat / valows

Plus: As the first announcement among several attractions, “EA’s Rock”, the first live-action sentai comedy series by GAINAX (world-famous for “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and other Japanimation productions) which is famous among Japanese subculture lovers, will have its exclusive special LIVE program on GGM 2012! “Gokan Five” might come to hug you!? (on air info is shown below)

More lineup & attraction info coming soon! Don’t miss it!

The advance tickets (3,500 yen) are available through:
*Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 / P-code 621-434
*Lawson Tickets 0570-084-003 L-code 70371
*eplus (direct link here)

And check out these outlets for “Saitama Special Discount” tickets, which you can buy for 2,500 yen apiece (remember, these supplies are Limited!)
*Disk Union, Kitaurawa
*LIVE HOUSE Hearts, Nishi-kawaguchi
*Studio Sound Crew, Ageo
*more records, Omiya
If you’re bringing children who are under 12 years old along, their charges will be free!

Check out these “Wanted” information for:
*Volunteer staff
*Art Market
*100 People Open Mic! Performers

“EA’s Rock” on air information:
*BSS (San-in Broadcasting System): Saturdays 26:20~26:35 (13 episodes), starting on July 28th
*Niko Niko Nama-hoso webcast: Wednesdays 23:00~23:30 (13 episodes, plus live talk webcasting featuring Kotone Shiina & guest), starting on August 1st

More Tickets On Sale!

Tickets for GGM2012 are available through two more outlets from today: eplus and Lawson Tickets.

On eplus, you can access here to reserve tickets online, then pay for tickets using credit cards (tickets will be sent to you after approx. 1 week of payment) or take your code to selected convenient stores and pay to get tickets printed out.

If you have Lawson stores in your nearest location, you can get your tickets even easier: just input code 70371 on the store’s terminal, get reciept and pay. You can get reservation code through telephone too: 0570-084-003 and tell Guruguru Mawaru 2012, then go to Lawson store.

note: These are not “Saitama limited discount” tickets even if you’re living there! The cost for tickets is 3,500 yen apiece.

More basic information

The GURUGUGU MAWARU 2012 festival, to be happened on SEPTEMBER 16th, 2012 at SAITAMA STADIUM 2002.

The following is the basic information:

*Gate opens at AM 11:00, performance starts 30 minutes later and ends approx. PM 7:00

*The following artists are initially announced to be on the bill, performing at various stages built around the stadium’s concourse.

LOST IN TIME / HARCO / BiS / フジロッ久(仮)
Fragment feat.DOTAMA、Kuuya MC / CARD / Limited Express (has gone?)
URANINO / THE APRILS /  (M)otocompo (sounds otocompo)  / 魔ゼルなでこキ犬
cryv / If the world still continues / bananafish
Recoride / good bye! see you again!! / shizukani hisomu hibi
Seiko Omori / Varelser / akarinote  / バロムワン
Oh my God,you’ve gone / 姫乃 / あなるちゃん / taske

plus many more acts and attractions to be announced at later dates! Each acts will be introduced with YouTube links on this blog. Please look forward!

*The tickets are available from today, at TICKET PIA (reservation code: 621-434) and selected retailers within Saitama pref. as follows:

Disk Union, Kitaurawa (note: Plans for selling tickets at other Disk Union shops around Tokyo and Yokohama are yet unconfirmed!)

LIVE HOUSE Hearts, Nishi-kawaguchi


Studio Sound Crew, Ageo

more records, Omiya

More tickets will be available through eplus and Lawson Tickets, starting on June 30th.

*An advance ticket usually costs 3500 yen, but if you buy tickets at 5 aforementioned retailers in Saitama you will get them for 2500 YEN apiece! Please hurry because their quantity is very limited too!

Some non-advance tickets will be on sale at the gate, and they will be sold for 4500 yen. SO BUYING TICKETS IN ADVANCE IS STRICTLY RECOMMENDED!

If you have children under primary school pupils, you can bring them along FOR FREE! It’s a festival for all ages!


There will be free spaces for people who have their own artistic creation for sale, such as postcards, designed or poetic leaflets and hand-made goods. If you have talents and good personalities you can make some money and even be friends with some famous musicians too! Remember, once-sold items by other people, live-paintings and explicit creations are not allowed, in addition to be silent (Yes, this is basically a music festival!) The entrance fee is 2000 yen per person. More information is available (in Japanese) on the official site and you can ask directly to: info_gurugurumawaru@yahoo.co.jp if you have some questions. THIS ADVERTISEMENT EXPIRES AT PM 5:00, AUGUST 31st.


GGM is a festival for everybody and by everybody! A lot of volunteer staff is working hard in making it a triumph in many ways. And WE NEED YOUR HELP TOO, because it’s not a regional feast. It’s an opportunity to give Japanese independent music/culture a worldwide exposure, albeit in a far-out way. In addition, EVERYBODY IS A STAR. Your presence may lift the festival’s placement to a higher state! Please contact info_gurugurumawaru@yahoo.co.jp if you’re interested in working with us.

*MORE INFORMATIONS, plus summaries on past events (including Haiko Festival) to come on this blog! Please look forward. You can contact us through twitter and Facebook too.

Information revealed!

“Guruguru Mawaru 2012”

September 16th (Sun), 2012 OPEN 11:00 START 11:30

Saitama Stadium 2002 http://www.stadium2002.com/

advance: 3,500yen ,door: 4,500yen, Limited Saitma Ticket: 2,500yen
(under 12 years old free of charge)

where to buy
-from June 15th(Fri)
Limited Saitma Ticket: disk union kitaurawa, LIVE HOUSE Hearts, MORTAR RECORD, Studio Sound Crew, more records
Pia: 0570-02-9999  code:621-434
-from June 30th(Sat)
Lawson ticket: 0570-084-003  code:70371
e+: http://eplus.jp

LOST IN TIME / HARCO / BiS / フジロッ久(仮)
Fragment feat.DOTAMA、Kuuya MC / CARD / Limited Express (has gone?)
URANINO / THE APRILS /  (M)otocompo (sounds otocompo)  / 魔ゼルなでこキ犬
cryv / If the world still continues / bananafish
Recoride / good bye! see you again!! / shizukani hisomu hibi
Seiko Omori / Varelser / akarinote  / バロムワン
Oh my God,you’ve gone / 姫乃 / あなるちゃん / taske
and more


Wanted (Volunteer Staff Wanted)
Wanted(Art Market Wanted)

This is Guruguru Mawaru 2012!



This is the official English blog for Guruguru Mawaru 2012, the “rock & independent culture festival” held September 16 at Saitama Stadium 2002, Japan (which you can go from central Tokyo within an hour). Keep your eye on information updates for bands, other activities, how to get to the stadium and more. We’ll spread the word worldwide this time, so you’ll go ’round and ’round together this September!